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I Need A Loan

As well as needing catalogues to help us budget our lifestyles from time to time we may need to rely on Payday loans which can be a useful short term lending option to some when all you need is cash and not goods to help you get by.

In an emergency emergency situation these loans may assist you by giving you cash until your next pay packet. Be careful though as some companies can have extremely high APR rates well into the 000’s which means a small amount borrowed can soon rack up into huge debts if you don’t use them extremely carefully as a short term lending strategy.

Payday Loans Companies List not Recommendation For – Instant Cashloans

  • 1 Month Loan
  • 1st Stop Financial Services
  • 24/7 Moneybox
  • AdvanceQuid
  • Albemarle & Bond Pawnbrokers
  • Capital Finance One
  • Cash Choice
  • Cash Finance Direct
  • Cash Genie
  • Cheque Centre
  • Debit Card Loans
  • Early Payday Loan
  • Everyday Loans
  • FLM Loans
  • H&T Pawnbrokers
  • Instant Cash Loans
  • Lending Stream
  • Loans at Home 4U
  • MEM Consumer Finance
  • Mr Lender
  • Payday Express
  • PayDay Loan
  • Payday UK
  • Pounds ’till Payday
  • Pounds to Pocket
  • QuickQuid
  • Safeloans
  • Short Term Finance
  • Speed Loans
  • Speed-e-loans
  • Swift Sterling
  • The Loan Store
  • The Money Shop
  • Tower Capital
  • Tower Credit
  • Txtloan
  • Uncle Buck
  • Wage Day Advance
  • Wages Today
  • Wonga

*The above are not recommendations just some companies that offer these products that you may want to research.

I need a loan but my credit history is poor.


There are some steps that you can take that may help improve your acceptance in the future. Responsible lenders may not lend if you have lots of overdue accounts, lots of missed or late payments in the last twelve months, perhaps if you are financially associated with a person (your wife or partner) that has adverse credit history. Try to keep the applications down to a minimum when looking at your credit options as lots of searches for credit on your credit file may also ring alarm bells, accounts overdue. Other negative factors once you may want to look at on your credit file are things like if you are on the electoral role. Having catalogue accounts which you take care of how much you borrow and carefully manage may help you get a better credit score.

Are payday loans the real answer?
If you don’t need same day cash you can also look at other options like
1 month loan or 100 day or 12 month instant loans for bad credit status.

Have you considered putting some items up for sale on auction sites like ebay or more quickly at a cash convertor, cash4gold or pawnbroker  store for example?

Ask yourself do you really need this cash no matter what?

Perhaps a another good tip would be too look for payday lenders and not brokers as a broker may add extra hidden charges on. Do your research before rushing into anything check out as many review websites as you can. Always check the small print even though you may be desperate. If you can manage to do without borrowing the money, then it may help you far more in the long term than looking for bad credit 1 hour instant decision type loans may ever do.