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No Credit Check Mobile Phones

In some countries (e.g. US and UK), some products are obtained on credit so that they are paid for later. But this depends on the credit check report outcome. More often, the mobile phone falls under this category.
To have a mobile is nowadays a necessity.
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The drawback is though that mobile companies would always want to know whether you are able to service the credit as agreed. You know the story, you want the phone but cant get credit because a credit history check is done first for you to be able get the contract.
If you had a credit history that is lets say not very attractive, then problems may begin here! This should not worry you because you are not the only one in this list. Many people have found themselves in recent times with difficulties in payments involving credit or loan servicing and therefore fell pray to poor credit.
There are many reasons why this could happen. Sadly enough some people find themselves by mere mistake-(it could be you), some by mere negligence and others genuinely were not able to manage their credit reputation. This is embarrassing because you know your request would be turned down as your mobile phone provider now knows you are unable to pay.
Try not to be too worried because you can have no credit check mobile phones. Companies do exist with plans for people with bad credit. However, you will be asked to pay some deposit for security. Firms like Three are more lenient as they were one of the last firms to enter the scene and therefore only did anti fraud checks and not full credit checks enabling previous bad credit victims to establish a contract phone agreement. However before you go for this option, look at various companies offers and check online forums to find out the best deal for people like you who may have a low credit rating.

The amount of deposit you pay differs from one company to another. So you need to check with all the providers to find the cheapest deal. The market is far more competitive nowadays and in more recent times flexible sim only rolling contracts have become available from most mobile networks which are cheaper and better value than pay as you go.
If you find despite this advice you still can’t get a phone then another way to have no credit check mobile phones is by asking another person to open an account for you, but using their name or having the person sign a contact with you. This way the firm will not be credit checking you but the contract owner (your close friend, partner or relative). In such case you would be required to stick to your promise obviously as the burden of credit would be on them.

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