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No Credit Check Catalogues

Catalogues with no credit check finance are difficult to come across these days as so many companies rely on credit checks for virtually every form of credit these days anything from mobile phone, to bank account or loan. It can be soul destroying being told no every time you want to buy something that you perhaps just cant afford to buy in full right now.



In realty the answer is that catalogues no credit check facilities do not exist. However some National companies offer a means to get credit and are more suitable for people with a poor financial record. All you need to do in these situations is supply some bank statements and proof of address and identity. The companies are a lot more lenient than normal bank lenders are providing credit if your credit history is poor.

Catalogues no credit check companies
The companies offer many large domestic appliances like washing machines, fridge freezers, LCD, plasma and 3d televisions, X-Box’s, PlayStation’s, ovens,cookers, audio, sofas, beds and furniture for the home as well as Christmas goods. The finance agreements will typically be for twelve to eighteen months, and some don’t even require a deposit to be paid and offer flexible weekly cash payments. Some popular shops are BrightHouse and PerfectHome

If you’ve got a need to use buy now pay later no credit check catalogues, its wise to ask yourself do you really need the purchase and could you do without it as it could make your financial situation more difficult id you take on extra credit that you cannot afford.

Always ensure that you make payments on time and hopefully you will improve your credit score in the longer term. Another option to help improve our rating may be to open an account with one of the many online mail order catalogue companies we have reviewed on our site some of these now also offer loans. You will find that if you have a small manageable pay monthly balance if paid off on time in time will be small steps you can take to improve your situation and enjoy the products you need.

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