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How do you find catalogues that will accept you ?

How do you find catalogues that will accept you for the things that you cannot afford to buy outright but need right now when your credit history is less than perfect?

The best place to start is online as there are many mail order or online catalogues waiting to give you an immediate decision and instant online access to your credit limit. If you have no credit history or poor credit history then you may not get the credit limit you need instantly but if you pay on time and preferably slightly more than the minimum each month you should be able to rebuild and improve your credit score and slowly get a higher credit limit. Don’t worry if you have gone bankrupt or had ccjs and defaults most catalogue companies are more lenient than banks and credit card companies.

Many people get into debt nowadays after the lending boom of the last decade where banks gave too much credit and now people have fallen behind. So many have fallen into financial difficulty due to relationship break ups, or perhaps financially connected to someone with bar credit rating, job losses or just overstretched themselves and coupled with rising living costs its hardly surprising so many people now have a less than perfect credit rating. Even if they give you £100-£150 opening credit to begin with, providing you pay on time it is likely that they will increases your limit when they can see you are keeping to your payment obligations.

Applying for too many accounts at the same time can have can have a negative impact on your credit rating so don’t apply for too many at once, rather apply for one or two order and build up your payment history and line of credit on a steady basis.

Three major catalogue groups to look at:

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N Brown PLC
The leading Internet and catalogue shopping brand N Brown and  its main subsidiary, JD Williams have over one hundred and forty years of catalogue shopping experience. The largest range of brands and variety of all the major catalogue groups this business targets mainly clothing, shoes and footwear, lingerie, electrical and houwere goods, financial services to its customer base that includes flexible finance and repayment plans. NBrownplc

Shop Direct Group
Littlewoods being the 1/3 largest reatiler of clothse and 1/5 largest nofood reatil business in the UK. The business which was established originally in 1932 has a string range of over 40,000 items in their catalogues.

The main brrands are, isme, and Littlewoods
Offering 48 hour delivery and give customers the option to spread the cost by paying weekly payments.
ShopDirect Group

Freemans Grattan Holdings
Freemans Grattan Holdings is a subsidiary of the largest mail order comapny in the world, Based in Bradford the UK head office is the home of Freemans, Grattans, Kaliedescope, Bon Prix and Look Again and more recently Curvissa brands. The brands main offering is a renage of fashionable clothing for every style and occasion as wel as furniture, homeware and gift items.
As with NBrown & Littlewoods Freemans Grattan Holdings offer flexible monthly repayment options.

Freemans Grattan Holdings

Over the next few pages we will review each of the three major catalogue groups to enable you to start with the best catalogues for your circumstances. Please read fully each brands description and target group as it is important with poor credit to not apply for too many accounts too soon.