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Credit Cards No Credit Check

There are many credit card providers or companies out there that will give you poor credit – credit cards, but looking for one with there is no credit check is a lot more tricky. Many people find it really hard really to get a credit card from banks, credit card companies or building societies due to their adverse credit history or perhaps no credit history at all. However, there are some credit card companies or providers who take into account sympathetically the bad credit history or no credit history at all of these people.

Unfortunately though credit card providers that process a no credit check option on buy now pay later or monthly option to offer these people is impossible.

Some people might have had credit problems due to a minor mistake, while some might have had adverse credit history due to missed payments, defaults, mortgage arrears, etc.

Most online shopping directories will also refuse to give you financial products, such as virtual credit cards, or products and services on credit if you have bad credit or no credit history at all. However there some companies like the Freemans and Grattan offer a credit cards and loans facility to adverse credit history customers.

Guaranteed no credit check credit cards

It would be a dream come true if the headline above was true, the sad fact is that although many companies sympathize with adverse history, you’ll have to explore these other options if you want no credit check card financial products.

Prepaid cards may be the answer if you need a card but cant get the credit. Many people  may even be very rich, previously good borrowers and good professionals too but because of a few missed payments or business failure or bankruptcy, these defaults and country court judgements seem to be a bane.  So if you have been declined for loans elsewhere, have previous mortgage arrears, defaults, missed payments, etc you can opt for a credit repair type bad credit card or as we suggest a pre paid card may help for now.

Companies like uswitch have some good advice as does moneysavingexpert and moneysupermarket at the time of writing here are some popular prepaid credit cards on the market.

  • Kalixa – Kalixa
  • Orange –  Orange Cash
  • Secure Trust Bank Secure Card
  • Cards Tuxedo Pay As You Go MasterCard
  • Tuxedo Pay Monthly Card Tuxedo Pay Monthly Card
  • cashplus Gold Activeplus cashplus Gold Activeplus
  • cashplus Gold Flexiplus cashplus Gold Flexiplus
  • cashplus Gold Premier cashplus Gold Premier
  • ClearCash Pay-as-you-go MasterCard ClearCash Pay-as-you-go MasterCard
  • ClearCash Prepaid MasterCard Monthly ClearCash Prepaid MasterCard Monthly
  • Freedom Card
  • One Banking Card
  • Phones 4 U Card
  • Virgin PrePaid Card – Pay Monthly

These are not recommendations just some popular brands on the market place. So to summaries  no credit check cards are not currently unavailable in the UK, but hopefully some of the above solutions may get you back on your feet eventually.


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