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Catalogues for Bad Credit

Many people need catalogues for bad credit status. Perhaps you have a bad credit history like so many people right now who have struggled to pay rising bills and as a result may have over spent or maxed out your credit cards causing it to affect your credit rating. You may be urgently needing some new clothes, furniture or household goods but can’t afford to buy them and because of your past repayment history and with the squeeze on your finances trying to make ends meet you need to buy now pay later and spread the cost with a manageable smaller weekly or monthly payment plan. You will glad to hear that that there are companies who offer either mail order or online home shopping catalogues for individuals who have low credit scores.

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Catalogue shopping has been popular since just before the turn of the twentieth century. e-commerce or online shopping has become more popular recently due to rising print costs and most mail order catalogue businesses now sell online in addition to having a book.. Catalogue shopping is a very convenient way to buy as you can relax and browse and pick your items in the comfort of your own home without the need to travel around the shops trying to find what you are looking for.

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What is Bad Credit?

If you want to investigate your financial status you need to get a credit report. This post will show you important factors that lenders take into consideration when you borrow from them.  Each company will vary slightly in what they want as regards the level of risk to them when deciding if you have good or poor credit history. These factors will play a key role in a lending situation: your payment history, your current levels of debt, how many recent applications have you made, how many accounts you already have and any recent application you may have made to determine your rating. The credit score is a number from 300 to 850 which is a figure that enables the lender to determine your ability to repay. Many professionals reckon that a score of less than 675 is now believed to be “bad” which can mean that you cant always get credit.

Once you open a catalogue account you want to use it to rebuild your credit score and stick to the repayment plan and try not to over burden your self financially further beyond your means where you can. Bear in mind you will typically pay higher than High Street prices and you’ll be paying higher interest on the goods with buy now pay later, no credit check arrangements and typically the repayment plans can be up to twenty four months depending on the item, whereas as lower value purchase you may want to spread the cost over shorter period, like three months for example. At least having the items you desperately need now and paying later and spreading the cost will ease the financial pressure you may be under.

So what can you do to improve your credit score?

Leading UK industry credit reference agency Experian give the following tips on increasing your own credit scores and further improve the likelihood of you getting the very best deals and getting your application approved elsewhere in the future:

  • Check your credit report – Are there mistakes, if so these mistakes may be the cause of you being seen as a high risk when you have a credit check.
  • Pay on time – Goes without saying, if you have a poor rating you need to build up a good one and paying on time will help you improve.
  •  Close unused accounts – The number of accounts you have can negatively affect your score.
  • Register to vote at your current address – Being on the electoral role will help confirm your address and you will then likely appear as a lower potential risk to them.
  • Protect your ID – identity theft is on the rise and more and more people are affected.

Do you need contract phones, ipads, women and men’s clothing, a new sofa or furniture, other household goods, TV’s, audio, an Xbox and ps3 games consoles or other electronics, large white goods appliances or maybe the latest games and toys? Well now you can get all of these on a buy now pay later agreement as the catalogues offer a great choice and you will be able to spread the cost paying the minimum payment due.

Online Shopping Catalogues List

Maybe you haven’t got the best financial history, then some of these popular buy now pay later pay monthly catalogues may be a good place to start for you to search.

Providing you have a bank account, are 18 years of age or older and you have lived in United Kingdom for more than 3 years then usually the account can be set up quickly and easily. Hopefully you should now feel confident that whatever home accessory, clothing, gaming, furniture, gift or household item you need, you will still be able to buy with instant approval and a fast delivery and not let the your credit situation get in the way of you purchasing by using bad credit catalogues.



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